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Murray Schwartz , former President and CEO of Merv Griffin Enterprises , is renowned in the entertainment business among industry insiders . Starting in the mailroom at the William Morris Agency , Murray rose to become a television agent , and eventually the behind the camera partner with Merv Griffin to create many of the most successful shows in the history of television . Most notably JEOPARDY and WHEEL OF FORTUNE , have been and remain top rated shows after almost a half century .

Academy Award winning producer Irwin Winkler ( Rocky , Raging Bull , Goodfellas , and Netflix ’ s The Irishman ) said the following about Red Mill : “ A mesmerizing read . I couldn ’ t put it down .”
Wheel of Fortune co-star , Vanna
White says : “ I just finished reading and loved your book--it was so heartfelt , honest , and entertaining . I love hearing your stories , and how everything really comes down to choices made . Aside from that , thank you for believing in me . You changed my life .”
David Geffen , head of DreamWorks , recalled his fond memories of our past experiences in Red Mill ! His review : “ I loved reading your book ... it brought it all back to me ... Congratulations . David .”
Barbara Lazaroff , designer , restaurateur , Co-founder of the Wolfgang Puck brand raved , “ Murray ’ s life is a true Hollywood success story . His stories are full of surprise , humor , shock , regret , illumination , and so much heart . I learned some valuable lessons as well . Red Mill is destined to be a best seller !”
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