The Contour of Luxury™ Winter 2022 Publisher's Haute Holiday Gift Ideas | Page 150

Olesya is uniquely positioned with alternatives to traditional healthcar that few have explored . Growing up in Siberia , her childhood was filled with experience helping her Grandmother collect herbs to help he village . Whispered stories of secret Soviet experiments spread and caugh her imagination , rumors of life extension treatments and scientific studi of spiritual practices and energy healing . Her pursuit of personal health returned her attention to these memories , with real data and documents declassified during the fall of the USSR . She applied these discoveries personally . This allowed her to become a mother of two after doctors had diagnosed her with chronic health issues that would not allow her to have children naturally .

The knowledge she immersed herself in during her personal health journey had an unintended benefit that she knew she needed to share with as many people as possible . Olesya was able to realize a comfortable , luxurious body that she hadn ’ t even known she was missing all along !