The Contour of Luxury™ Winter 2022 Publisher's Haute Holiday Gift Ideas | Page 40

Among them are recycled copper from the disused curiously small spirit stills which were located within The Macallan ’ s former Distillery ; aluminium recovered from the Bentley Motors manufacturing process ; recycled wood ; recyclable glass and carbon neutral leather , locally sourced , and also used in the recently unveiled Bentley Mulliner grand tourer .

The final component is the very special single malt whisky being created for The Macallan Horizon . The Macallan Master Whisky Maker Kirsteen Campbell developed the flavour profile for the whisky following a visit to Bentley Motors in Crewe , where she observed first hand their shared passion for creativity , craftsmanship and innovation .

Together , the six key materials , the majority of which have been sourced and produced locally in Scotland and the UK , form a unique concept that defies the traditional vertical aesthetic of a whisky bottle and reflects the horizontal trajectory of the automotive world , pushing the boundaries and the art of the possible .