The Contour of Luxury™ Winter 2022 Publisher's Haute Holiday Gift Ideas | Page 91

Finishing Touches

Alexis Says …

I have been a “ fan girl ” of Judith Leiber ’ s extraordinary bags since I was a teenager , a time when fashion swiftly became of great interest to me . Particularly , and gratefully since I had a fashion plate for a mother . My mother had a beautiful collection of Judith Leiber ’ s beautifully crafted purse gems , and I loved to look at them . I always took notice when my mother carried them , and I lived vicariously through her … not wanting to wait too long to have one of my own .

As publisher of The Contour of Luxury™ , I was delighted that the Judith Leiber brand accepted my invitation to feature two of their bags as my personal Fantastical Holiday Gift selections .
The Champagne Bottle Big Bubbles clutch is simply fabulous . I chose this one as a favorite Fantastical Gift for the holidays , as we will soon be ringing in the new year , and of course Champagne is always appropriate for a celebration . So be sure to add this bubbly gem to your gift list this year . Cheers !
I selected the Just For You Bow clutch , as it was one that my mother had in gold . It is not only classic , but it brings back very fond memories . With its bejeweled bow silhouette , it is marvelously festive and a must have Holiday Gift as well … so be sure to add it to your list also !