The Haute Issue Fall/Winter 2021 | Page 181

... Simulataneously , the way we dress has become an unmistakable expression of who we are .

Our shared thinking , as a whole , creates a static shift amongst each of us . Constant evolution has become an expected occurence . Whether we possess this knowledge or not is irrelevant . Our inner self possesses the power to overrule the thought process and coincide with the unconscious .

This is why we exist . We are here to push you into that place that seemingly defines you , yet is otherwise unattainable . We are the bridge to close the gap between what is real and what is still a dream . The path has already been laid for you , yet there lies the fateful decision - to follow or continue to wait . Taking the path with us ensures that the first step to the rest of your life has officially begun .

- Sven Holger