The Haute Issue Fall/Winter 2021 | Page 28

S ilently stalking its way through Cartier iconography for a century , the panther is the proud leader of the pack of precious animals that make up the famous Cartier menagerie . No other creature or jewel is quite so indissolubly and emotively connected to outstanding 20th century women of style , to ideals of modern femininity , and has become Cartier ’ s most iconic motif for a century . A symbol of power , seduction , and triumph since ancient times , the image of the panther never fails to arouse fantasies and dreams .

Featuring texts by art historian Bérénice Geoffroy- Schneiter , jewelry historian Vivienne Becker , jewelry expert Joanna Hardy , and fashion editor André Leon Talley , Cartier Panthère chronicles the panther in art history , the evolution of Cartier panther jewels , the techniques involved in creating a Cartier panther jewel , the influence of the panther in fashion , design , and popular culture , and includes a chronology of 100 years of Cartier panther jewels .
“ Cartier ’ s emblematic panther entices me with its untamed and indomitable allure . How can one resist its jewel encrusted existence ? Please enjoy my feature of the majestic Cartier Pantheré .”

~ A lexis Day