The Haute Issue Fall/Winter 2021 | Page 288


Thank you to all of our featured individuals and brands in this issue of The Contour of Luxury™ . The profound growth of the blogAzine™ is vastly due to collaborations such as yours with us to bring great content to our readers . I am unceasingly grateful for the publications rapid growth in popularity .
To all of the interviewee ’ s brand representatives , coordinators and personal assistants , thank you for working with me and my team to set up the interviews , and seamlessly handle the back and forth correspondence making sure all went well in the process . Please know that you are very much appreciated . Thank you much … You are the glue .
To my team - I must say that each team that has worked with me on previous issues of The Contour of Luxury™ to date has been highly skilled and talented in various areas , dedicated to the project and wonderful to work with , as are you with your admirable work ethic . Your extraordinary dedication has been beyond what I would dare to ask for from a team . You brought the ‘ Wow Factor ’ that you know I always strive to deliver to my readers . Please know that I see , and notice at all times , and I could not appreciate you more .
Much Love ! ~ Alexis Day